Yoga Updates

What Client’s Say

Needless to say I have taken on a full time Gold Membership and have much appreciation for the staff at Mystic Pointe Yoga.

 I can’t guarantee that yoga will right for you but you won’t regret giving it and Mystic Pointe Yoga a try.
Mystic Pointe Yoga has what I need in a wellness place; a diverse selection of yoga classes everyday and Zumba dance twice a week, taught by practitioners who are guided by values of wellness and clean healthy living.
As I continue with my practice, I find I am able to block the outside world, thoughts, stresses and craziness of life out a bit better, thus allowing me to focus on my inner self! 
Great yoga studio. Classes are small and intimate – lots of personal attention – the teachers will know you by name. Staff are friendly and very family orientated. The stresses of the day just melt away.
What I love most about MPY, especially as a relative newbie, is the range of classes they offer, the convenient times and the empowering connections you are able to build with fellow students and your instructors.